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Vocal Canvas




Welcome to Vocal Canvas, a compelling five-part podcast journey into the world of voice acting. This series, a collaborative venture between East Brunswick Public Library, NextGen Acting, and Playhouse 22, is a rich blend of education and creativity that illuminates the powerful intricacies of voice. From Volume to Pitch, Pace to Diction, and Resonance, each episode shines a spotlight on one essential aspect of voice, interspersed with performances and pieces penned by community members.
Directed by seasoned actor and NextGen Acting founder, Dennis Connors, Vocal Canvas is more than just a podcast; it's a celebration of local talent and a bridge between community theatre and voice-over work


Tune in to this auditory adventure and appreciate the wonders of voice acting:


Vocal Canvas: The Power of Volume

Explore the Power of Volume with the first episode of Vocal Canvas. Dive into this auditory exploration, where we discuss and demonstrate the critical role of volume in voice acting and everyday communication. From powerful monologues to delicate whispers, our diverse cast showcases the dynamic range of volume, and how it can shape characters, mood, and narrative. Join us on this journey as we delve into the first of the Five Aspects of Voice, a voice over lesson on the use of volume and immerse yourself in the world of voice acting.

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Series Creator & Writer: Dennis Connors

Series Editor: Melissa KR Hozik

Series Intro Editor: Niusha Nawab

Series Producers: East Brunswick Public Library, Playhouse 22, NextGen Acting

Community Writers: Hear Me Roar and The Ugliest Guy by Jon Heron

Narrator: Tara Frye

Additional Voices: Dennis Connors

  • Power of Volume Episode:

    • Loud Larry - Alex Luckenbaugh

    • Devilish Dog Influencer - Aaron Ratzan

    • Patricia - JD Dominique

    • Marie - Monica Shah