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Hackathon (Gr. 5+)

Beginner and experienced coders can compete in our EBPL Hackathon! Please note this program is not suitable for students with no coding knowledge. There are two divisions to compete in: classic and advanced. Both require prerequisite knowledge as listed below. Students can compete individually or in groups of 2 to 3. Advanced registration is required and students must bring their own devices and chargers. Teams will only be using one device to compete in the hackathon. During the event, there will be problems for each team to solve, increasing in difficulty. Students should be using only one laptop, and cannot use Google, AI, or be communicating outside of their team. THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20 . This is to ensure there will be ample time for event organization. No registrants will be permitted after this date.

For the classic division: Knowledge of at least one coding language is required

For the advanced division: Knowledge of at least one coding language and experience in algorithms and data structures is required.

More experienced coders are discouraged from trying to join the classic division. Teen volunteers will be checking work periodically and moving individuals and teens with more than a basic knowledge into the advanced division, even if they registered for classic. This is to give everyone and even playing ground in the competition. 

All participants should arrive between 12 and 12:05 to sign in. Latecomers may not be admitted.

Click here to register as an individual (individual registrants may compete as individuals or choose to be assigned to a team at the event, dependant on availability of other individual registrants) THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20

Click here to register as a team of two or three (teams only have to submit one registration form, but the names and emergency contact details for all team members must be submitted on the form). THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20