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Intro to Google Drive

Intro to Google Drive  

This class will show participants how the basics of Google Drive. One of the most popular applications in at work and home.

With Google Drive, you can open your files from your computer’s Drive folder on the desktop or from your browser. Files you create with Google Docs open in your browser or mobile app. Other files in your Drive folder will open in their regular applications (like Adobe Reader for PDF files) on your computer.

Girls Who Code Club (3rd-5th Gr.)

An online Girls Who Code club for 3rd to 5th grader will be held during Fall 2021 ( 7 meetings on every other Monday @ 4-5 p.m. from Sept.13  to Dec.)

We learn Scratch together doing various projects. 

Kids will pick up the computer science concept such as order of codes, events, loops, conditionals, function and list through the projects.

Scratch is block-based which is easy to learn and the projects are fun to spark the interest of coding.

It is suitable for beginners who have no prior experience of coding.

Making Pixel Art using Google Sheets (Gr. 4+)

A 2-days workshop to learn how to use Google Sheets to make pixel art. Kids can learn to use conditional formula to make Mindcraft figures, emoji faces or any image. 

Requirement:  Need to have a google account ready and Gr. 4+

Time: 10:30-11:30am

Date: 8/23.24  (Mon, Tue)

Please click here for registration form.

If you have any question, please contact Sally Leung, Youth Services Librarian.


Middlesex County Business Series Continues LIVE on September 9

"Leading Locally in the Fourth Industrial Revolution" is the second in a series of business events offered by the Middlesex County Office of Business Engagement. It takes place on Thursday, September 9 from 8:00 am - 10:00 am at Middlesex County College.  The LIVE event will focus on the advances in autonomous technology that will continue to disrupt traditional business models and what this means for our professional and personal lives. :

The 5th Annual Business Summit will take place on October 21.  Both events are free and open to the public.