God - The Almighty... A Connection so Pure!

Komal Mehra

Artist Location: East Brunswick, New Jersey

Artist Location: East Brunswick, New Jersey

Artist's Statement: I am a self-taught artist with a zeal to create life on canvas! Painting has been my hobby since childhood, now turning into a passion with each growing year. Color is one of the vital characteristics of my  work, which adds perspective, contrasts and above all, elegance to my creations. My aesthetic sense and the love for art has led me to the trail of Graphic Designing as well. Alongside, my hobbies include Poetry writing and Singing!

Art Description: My creation, titled "God - The Almighty...A Connection, so Pure!" Is a blend of my Graphic designing skills, my flair for poetry writing and certainly my adoration for God, the Almighty.

Artist's Instagram: fab_flair

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