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Coronavirus Poem

Shreyas Batra



Corona, a monster
The new boss in town
It is so deadly
The world’s shut down


It came from bats
In Wuhan, China
And captured the world
Like a cunning Hyena


It’s a pandemic
That attacks our lungs
And causes pneumonia
To both old and young


Doctors and nurses
Are not ready to rest
Look at their pictures
They are doing their best


Frontline workers
Need gloves, shields, & masks
To fight this battle
And accomplish this task


Ventilators and hospital beds
Are a scarce resource
To win the battle
Against this evil force


A lot more testing
Is what we require
To bend the curve
And put out this fire


Testing kits & PPE
Are a must for success
Without the swabs
We can’t solve this mess


There is a debate
For what drug to choose
Some say HCQ
Others say it’s no use


When facing an enemy
That’s invisible and strong
It’s prudent to hide
If you wish to live long


Contact tracing
Is the need of the hour
If you wish to stay healthy
Social distancing is the power


Stay six feet apart
Don’t make a blunder
Else you’ll find yourself
Six feet under


We should stay at home
To slow the spread
What use will we be
If we end up dead


Locked up at home
We are getting so bored
But what can be done
Since there is no cure


We’re staring at a screen
With these online classes
Soon we will all
Have to wear glasses


Handshakes will now be
Not as renown
Namaste may likely be
A new trend in town


Until a vaccine is here
To make us immune
We should listen to experts
And follow their tune


Sanitizer and soap
Are what we should use
Have faith in the virologists
And we’ll soon have good news