American Girl, History Mysteries

History Mysteries were a twenty two book series of mystery books originally released by American Girl. The series can be seen as the precursor to the Historical Chapter Mysteries as several of the authors from this series went on to write for that and other various Historical character series. Each book was a stand-alone novel set in a time period and/or location that, at the time of publication, was not covered by any Historical Characters , including times before the United States was founded as an independent country.

Boxcar Children series

Today, teachers and librarians love the series for the message of teamwork and empathy, because even when the Boxcar Children uncover the villain of the mystery they're solving, it's more than just that: they care about the person and situation, and they work hard to set things right again.

Sherlock Sam series

Cleverly told with a mix of logic and offbeat humour, the award-winning Sherlock Sam series feature full-length mysteries revolving around Samuel Tan Cher Lock, Singapore’s greatest kid detective and his trusty robot, and a host of rich, diverse characters in an ever-expanding universe.

Operation Bunny

At the age of nine, Emily Vole, a foundling raised to be housemaid and nanny for a wealthy couple, inherits a shop and discovers a magical world where, with the help of Fidget the talking cat, she must try to save fairies being targeted by a terrible witch.

Eerie Elementary series

Eerie Elementary is one scary school! Even though the series is set in a school, it's the problem-solving moments that provide the real education. Sam, Antonio, and Lucy have to overcome their fear and find ways to solve some scary situations, and they rely on logic, intuition, and straight-up determination to get it done.