Tech Skills for Mid- Career: Intro to Web Design Session III

Nov 10 6:00pm to 6:45pm

Introduction to Computer Science for people entering the workforce, re-entering the workforce, or in the workforce. This class takes a top-down approach, emphasizing mastery of high-level concepts with hand on practice with easy to follow tutorials.

This course is based on the popular CS50 online course from Harvard University. The virtual class provides students opportunities to discuss and ask questions during class and get real-time help. Students are encourage to exercise self-learning, try on their own, explore, imagination and craft their own path.  

This is a 4 part class session, meeting every Tuesday. 

Week 2.1: November 10 Tools and Gears

Week 2.2: November 17 Intro to HTML 

Week 2.3: November 24 Intro to CSS 

Week 2.7: December 1 Intro to Web Apps

Goal of the class: students will able to use a compiler to write code and execute HTML and CSS code. Students will able to write and run simple HTML and CSS code. Develop basic debugging and principles of web designing skills. Provide resources to allow students to further their skills on their own. 

Class Duration: 45 min

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Registration starts on 10/26/2020



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