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Storytelling & Personal Empowerment Workshop (Zoom)

Jul 29 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

In this one-hour interactive Storytelling and Personal Empowerment workshop, participants will explore the importance of their personal narratives—their stories—in creating their sense of empowerment.  The workshop will include an exploration of:

  • default storylines;
  • disempowering themes in one’s personal and professional conversations; and
  • time for participants to begin developing more empowering storylines.

Sharon Kathryn D’Agostino is the Founder of SayItForward.org, and believes in the power of stories to connect people and to change lives.  She is a speaker, leadership coach, and former senior executive at a Fortune 50 company. She can be found on Twitter at @SharonDAgostino, @SayItForwardNow and @AwakeningTrue, and at www.linkedin.com/in/SharonKathrynDAgostino  .

This event will be held on the Zoom platform. Please make sure you have the application installed on your computer, iOS, or Android device.


Please plan to join the meeting 10 minutes prior to the program so your device has time to connect.


  • To join our Zoom Meeting click on (or copy/paste) link:


  • Meeting ID: 820 6767 0086
  • Password: 12 57 18
  • To dial-in via telephone for audio instead of joining the webinar: 929-436-2866



  • We encourage you to use camera & microphone if your device has them, as there will be discussions during the program. You will be able to view the presentation and hear it, and you may be seen and heard. There will be no recording of this program.
  • The Chat function will be disabled for the duration of this program.



  • Your computer must have a monitor. This is an interactive workshop. We encourage you to use a microphone of webcam if your computer has one.
  • Click (or copy/paste) this link into a web browser to access the Zoom virtual meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82067670086
  • Zoom may ask you to download and install the application file for you to join the meeting. Download and install the file so you can connect to Zoom.
  • To hear the program, you can either use your computer’s speakers or call in using a telephone. Select which one you prefer.
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