Book title: Sex and the City and Us

Sex and the City and Us: How Four Single Women ... (Zoom)

Dec 8 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm


Sex and the City and Us: how four single women changed the way we think, live, and love

Through viewing and discussion of clips from Sex and the City, we'll explore how the early 2000s phenomenon revolutionized the way women's relationships—romances and friendships alike—were depicted on television, and look ahead to the coming HBO reboot of the series.

Co-sponsored by the Elizabeth Public Library, Matawan-Aberdeen Public Library, New Brunswick Public Library, Old Bridge Public Library, and funded by the East Brunswick Friends of the Library.

About the Book

Sex and the City and Us is the story of how a columnist, two gay men—Darren Star and fellow executive producer Michael Patrick King—and a writers’ room full of women used their own poignant, hilarious, and humiliating stories to launch a cultural phenomenon, pushing the boundaries of television and igniting a national conversation about single women and sex in the process. While the show’s feminist merits continue to fuel debate, it taught viewers—male and female, gay and straight—about sex, and demonstrated that single women could support each other through life’s tribulations, even as men came and went.

About the Author

A New York Times bestselling author, Jennifer Keishin Armstrong has written seven pop culture history books, including Seinfeldia; When Women Invented Television; Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted; and Sex and the City and Us. Her work appears in many publications, including BBC Culture, The New York Times Book Review, Vice, New York magazine, and Billboard.

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