Option Green: Invasive Plants (Hybrid)

Oct 18 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Invasive plants decrease the ecological health of our world, decrease available food and nesting areas, reduce biological diversity, and are 130 billion dollar problem for the US.  Hubert Ling, Ph.D., of the Native Plant Society of N.J., will discuss what the government and scientists are doing and what you as an individual can do.         
Some of the common invasives in NJ will be covered and alternative noninvasive native replacements will be given.  We will also give you an introduction into the unique world of native plants and show you how to add novelty and interest to your garden.  An informed public will make NJ better by encouraging local and national government officials to seek solutions to the invasive plant crisis.

This event is co-sponsored by the Highland Park Chapter of the Native Plant Society of N.J.


This program is part of our Option Green series on sustainiability and the environment in partnership with the Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission.

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This event is Library Sponsored.

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