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POSTPONED: Acoustic Mondays: Eric Harrison

Aug 23 7:00pm to 8:00pm

This event has been postponed to a future date (not Tuesday).

Join the Acoustic Monday series in the Municipal Complex Courtyard!

The Eric Harrison story begins in December 1988 on a cold and rainy Sunday night in London. Scores of pasty Kings College students have filled the Phoenix and Firkin pub to witness the debut of their nervous American classmate. It's been a while since James Taylor made the jump across the pond and Eric's British peers are excited to hear a genuine Yankee folksinger serenade them with "Fire and Rain." Little did they know he'd rather eat glass.

Sixty minutes and fifteen originals later Our Hero had completely alienated his audience and forfeited any chance of bedding an English lass with the aphrodisiac strains of "Sugar Mountain." But a songwriter was born.

Upon returning to the States in 1990 Eric formed the first iteration of his band the Crash Chorus. The band's first official release, Anyone Can Fill Your Shoes, debuted to great local acclaim.  (Their moms really liked it.)

Solo releases and positive reviews followed throughout the 90s: "Exhibits the strengths of Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan"  . . . "Original lyrics which border on genius"  . . . "Acoustic-oriented punk death poetry"  . . . "Strong songwriting, good singing, thoughtful production" . . . "Tight pop-folk gems bristling with wry sarcasm and desperate longing . . . radiant with more incandescent moments than most songwriters can muster in a career" .

During the Great Shutdown of 2020 Eric began performing Facebook Live and Instagram acoustic shows, continuing into 2021 with his Sunday night series "Live from the Porch."


In partnership with the East Brunswick Department of Recreation & Parks

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