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Acoustic Mondays: Bob Denson

Jul 19 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Join the Acoustic Monday series in the Municipal Complex Courtyard!

Bob Denson is a life long musician whose talent, versatility, and professionalism continue to foster a healthy career in music. Being well versed in varied aspects of music along with holding a Bachelor degree in Music Education allows him to fill an evening with most any style. Bob’s loop pedals allow him to create, record, and layer guitar, bass, and keyboard parts live and on the spot, making his solo performances full and dynamic. He is often called upon to play anything from jazz from the 1920's onward, both vocal and instrumental, blues music ranging from the 1930's onward, 'Rat Pack' style crooning music, 1950's Rock 'n' Roll, 60's folk, 70's soul and funk, 90's alt. rock, pop music from this year to most of the last century, from Lorde to Louis Armstrong.

Bob has hours of Irish folk music in his repertoire, which he can do solo or with his Irish group, Bob Denson's Greens. He is also extremely well-versed as a children's performer. With 7 years experience as a public school music teacher in both Montclair and Newark from Prekindergarten 3 and 4 through 2nd grade, he is certainly no stranger to engaging groups of children in song, dance, movement games, playing instruments that he can provide for a whole group of children to use, and more while keeping it upbeat, fun, and full of laughs. He has performed for many children's parties to very satisfied kids and parents and then gone right to Assisted Living places to play for seniors and the elderly in the same day, then gone play blues in Bob Denson's Blues all night.

With this sort of diversity the question is not, "what can you play?", it's "what do I need for my event?" His original work spans genres from pop to jazz while being centered in folk, rock, and blues. Always providing a high-energy show and engaging audiences in various forms of participation, he connects with the crowd through a wide variety of memorable songs and witty banter. With the freedom to create arrangements live on stage, Bob never plays the same show twice and over two decades of professional training and performances echoing across theatres, colleges, festivals, bars, restaurants, and private events attest to that.

In partnership with the East Brunswick Department of Recreation & Parks

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