Intermediate - Design with Photoshop +18yo (in-Person)

Jan 31 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Learn how to place Text in Photoshop, remove image backgrounds and add filters. 


This class audience is anybody who has taken the "How to use Photoshop (in-Person)" class, or similar. Anybody who can navigate the Photoshop interface, add pictures, and save files. Also, they should be able to use basic tools like the move tool, Zoom in and out, control +Z, and use layers.  

You can also watch the recorded class "How to start with Photoshop and Pixlr E- 1/4" (here: To get acquainted with Photoshop before the class.  Or complete this tutorial:


Prerequisites: Have taken a How to use Photoshop (in-Person) class, or similar. Have basic knowledge of how to use the Photoshop Interface. Add pictures and save files. Use the move tool, control +Z, and use layers.  

Attendance: 4 

Audience: 18 and up only.


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Adults, BRC
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