Nothing Left to Lose

Dan Wells
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Hi. My name is John Cleaver, and I hunt monsters. I used to do it alone, and then for a while I did it with a team of government specialists, and then the monsters found us and killed almost everyone, and now I hunt them alone again. This is my story. In this thrilling installment in the John Wayne Cleaver series, Dan Wells brings his beloved antihero into a final confrontation with the Withered. Nothing Left to Lose is a conclusion that is both completely compelling and completely unexpected.


Eliana Z.


Absolutely wonderful!

John Cleaver has looped back to being alone in his hunt for the Withered again. At least before, he had Brooke with Nobody’s memories to guide him. Now, he has nothing. Despite everything, John is still going strong, and continues to stay true to his No-Serial-Killer-Behavior Rules while killing the Withered. This final book of the John Cleaver Series follows him as he investigates a town with suspicious deaths, which may or may not be the work of the ultimate Withered that Brooke had warned him away from. I adore this book and its ending! This is such an amazing final book! It handles the plot itself super well and John’s character arc is completed fantastically. I love all of the characters and how they interact with one another. This book really made them all jump off the page. John was written beautifully and his progression throughout the series culminates in a fantastic way in this book. He still retains his sociopathic behavior but he learns a lot in this book, which is comparable to that of The Devil’s Only Friend in terms of his character development. It was beautiful and I reread this one specific scene so many times. I had to pause for an hour for that scene. This also has a good analysis on why the Withered are who they are, too— why they do the things that they don’t have to do, as John would put it. Kirby Heyborne is, once again, the narrator, and I can think of no better fitted person for John’s point of view. The audiobook itself is of excellent quality and while this book is shorter than the others, it’s absolutely wonderful!

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