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Agnes at the End of the World

Kelly McWilliams
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About This Book

The Handmaid's Tale meets Wilder Girls in this unique, voice-driven novel from Kelly McWilliams. Agnes loves her home of Red Creek--its quiet, sunny mornings, its dusty roads, and its God. There, she cares tirelessly for her younger siblings and follows the town's strict laws. What she doesn't know is that Red Creek is a cult, controlled by a madman who calls himself a prophet. Then Agnes meets Danny, an Outsider boy, and begins to question what is and isn't a sin. Her younger brother, Ezekiel, will die without the insulin she barters for once a month, even though medicine is considered outlawed. Is she a sinner for saving him? Is her sister, Beth, a sinner for dreaming of the world beyond Red Creek? As the Prophet grows more dangerous, Agnes realizes she must escape with Ezekiel and leave everyone else, including Beth, behind. But it isn't safe Outside, either: A viral pandemic is burning through the population at a terrifying rate. As Agnes ventures forth, a mysterious connection grows between her and the Virus. But in a world where faith, miracles, and cruelty have long been indistinguishable, will Agnes be able to choose between saving her family and saving the world?




The Perfect Mix of Dystopian and Romance

Agnes at the End of the World is truly a heart warming, and incredible book. This dystopian story showcases the many struggles the people in the town of Red Creek face given their lack of freedom and strict control by an oppressive leader, known as the Prophet. The Prophet has uttermost power and in town and eventually the main character, Agnes, and her sister Beth realize what an horrible man they have been listening to. They realize how little the Prophet cares about his people and soon things continue to get worse. Agnes, the oldest and a mother figure, to her five younger siblings, realizes how she longs to escape from Red Creek. Her younger brother, Ezekiel, needs insulin medicine every day to survive and the only to get this medicine is outside of Red Creek. Eventually, though, this becomes hard when a deadly Virus threatens to kill lots of people. The story leads the readers into a roller coaster of events with ups and downs. The story is also split into perspectives of both Agnes and her little sister and best friend, Beth. We, as the readers, get both perspectives of this "perfect" world of Red Creek, where the Prophet lies about the Outside world, which he describes as inhumane. This book is perfect for readers who enjoy dystopian societies and rebellious characters who go against the words of their leader. There is also forbidden romance incorporated into the book, romance that the Prophet would never allow. Can Agnes really survive the stakes of this world or should she remain obedient to her faithful leader? Will Agnes be able to save everyone or should she focus on the people she loves and hope for the best? One wrong turn and she is over. Read to find out what happens to Agnes as she continues on her adventure against her leader and the Virus that threatens to kill her blindly.

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