Over Your Dead Body

Dan Wells
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Part 5 of the John Cleaver series

John and Brooke are on their own, hitchhiking from town to town as they hunt the last of the Withered through the Midwest-but the Withered are hunting them back, and the FBI is close behind. With each new town, each new truck stop, each new highway, they get closer to a vicious killer who defies every principle of profiling and prediction John knows how to use, and meanwhile Brooke's fractured psyche teeters on the edge of oblivion, overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of dead personalities sharing her mind. She flips in and out of lucidity, manifesting new names and thoughts and memories every day, until at last the one personality pops up that John never expected and has no idea how to deal with: the last of Nobody's victims, trapped forever in the body of his last remaining friend.


Eliana Z.


Amazing book

After the absolute fiasco that was the ending of “The Devil’s Only Friend”, John and Brooke are on the run from the FBI. They are hitchhiking from town to town as they continue to hunt the Withered in the Midwest despite their stunning lack of any resources. Brooke flips in and out of lucidity, switching personalities every day as new memories emerge, until one personality pops up that John has no idea how to deal with-- Marci. This is an amazing book that fluttered between moments of tense domesticity and action. John and Brooke’s dynamic is wonderfully portrayed here and I love the settings of the book. It was amazing to witness how despite John’s lack of love for Brooke, he does care about her and her wellbeing-- John’s development is clearly demonstrated in this book! It was very interesting to see how John and Brooke managed their crusade while having only their backpacks and what they could scavenge from Potash’s emergency stashes. I especially liked their interactions with the “normal” world. This book is fantastic and explores these characters so well! John is still grieving over the loss of the only people he’s ever loved (which is significant, considering that he doesn’t know how to love) and Brooke’s new personality throws a wrench in his whole system.

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