All These Monsters

Amy Tintera
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About This Book

From New York Times best-selling author Amy Tintera, a high-stakes sci-fi adventure about a teen girl who will do anything to escape her troubled home—even if that means joining a dangerous monster-fighting squad. Perfect for fans of Warcross and Renegades

Seventeen-year-old Clara is ready to fight back. Fight back against her abusive father, fight back against the only life she’s ever known, and most of all, fight back against scrabs, the earth-dwelling monsters that are currently ravaging the world. So when an opportunity arises for Clara to join an international monster-fighting squad, she jumps at the chance.
When Clara starts training with her teammates, however, she realizes what fighting monsters really means: sore muscles, exhaustion, and worst of all, death. Scrabs are unpredictable, violent, and terrifying. But as Clara gains confidence in her battle skills, she starts to realize scrabs might not be the biggest evil. The true monsters are the ones you least expect.


Roshini R.


A delightful read

Amy Tintera’s striking skill sparkles in her new novel All These Monsters. The book is the first in the duology, the second volume being All These Warriors. Clara Pratt, the 17-year old protagonist, lives in a world infested with “scrabs”- deadly beasts that cause death and destruction wherever they roam. Clara also suffers from an abusive father, and serves as a paragon of strength when she runs away to survive. She escapes to fight in a international scrab-fighting organization where she meets people who, like her, have taken refuge from bad situations. There, she learns that evil resides in the human race just as much as it does in giant earth-dwelling monsters who brutally murder anything and everything. I personally find Clara to be a realistic character because unlike most protagonists in dystopian novels, she isn’t completely selfless- she actually teeters on being morally grey a couple of times. I found that her honesty and frankness made her an artfully written personality, and I also found her strength inspiring and motivating. My one critique would lie in the pacing of the book. I found certain parts to be unnecessarily slow and dragged out. But other than that minor inconvenience, I found this book to be a delightful read. I would recommend this book to teenagers, especially those 15+ because that specific audience would be especially responsive to the conflict Clara faces. My overall rating (out of 5) would be 4.7 because I found the book engaging and unique compared to other books in that genre.

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