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Proctoring Policy

The East Brunswick Public Library will proctor exams through the Business Resource Center. The Library will proctor for both residents and non-residents who are pursuing traditional college or university degrees as well as those individuals who are seeking certification in trade or professional specialties through various organizations. Only a professional librarian who possesses a Masters in Library Science and who holds a New Jersey State Professional Librarian Certificate is authorized to proctor.

The Information Services Manager will oversee the proctoring function and will act as the primary contact for both the student and college or organization. The Information Services Manager will complete the initial paperwork for each student and will interact with each student to schedule the exam. All exams materials will be sent to the attention of the Information Services Manager and will be housed in a secure file cabinet in the Information Services Manager's office. Each student will have a designated folder within the file cabinet where exams will be stored until test time. The Information Services Manager is responsible for reviewing the requirements of each exam and relaying the information to the librarians on desk during the scheduled exam period. This includes adherence to test guidelines regarding location of the test, type of exam, test time allotted, storage of personal items during the exam, permissible exam materials, and final mailing of materials as mandated by each organization or institution.

The cost to proctor is $25.00 per sitting which includes both online and print formats. The library will accept cash or check for payment. All checks must be made payable to the East Brunswick Public Library. All money derived from proctoring is considered revenue for the Business Resource Center and should be placed accordingly in an envelope in the Business Resource Center that is labeled "Proctoring - BRC." The money will be delivered each week by the Information Services staff to the Circulation Department. The Information Services Manager will collaborate with the Business Resource Center to identify business trends and local organizations for future marketing.