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Curious about how a streaming device would change your TV-watching habits?  Check out one of our Roku Kits and test drive Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and Sling TV, as well as Hoopla and Kanopy, the two streaming services offered to all EBPL cardholders.  You just need a wireless internet connection and a TV with an HDMI port.

The EB Create Roku Kit includes a RokuExpress+; remote, HDMI cable; A/V cable; USB cable with power adapter; Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and Sling TV subscriptions to go wherever you want. You can also use Hoopla Digital and Kanopy accounts with your EBPL library card.

You will need a television with an HDMI input connnection--the Roku Kit will not work on a laptop.

*Please note, the library’s subscriptions to Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and Sling TV can only be accessed while using the library’s Roku Kits.

This video will show you what you will find in the kit and how you use it:


Total replacement value: $42

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