Kindness Makes the World Go Round

Elmo wakes up on World Kindness Day to discover that he's been in someone's thoughts, and that someone has left him a very thoughtful package!  Mommy has given him a camera and has challenged him to capture images of kindness all over Sesame Street.  With that, Elmo is visiting with Big Bird and Oscar, Rosita and Julia, Snuffy and Grover; and he learns that "Kindness take practice, but when you deliver, you may be surprised -- it's great being the GIVER!"

JoJo and the Twins

Fancy Nancy's little sister is finally featured in her very own easy reader!  JoJo is so excited to be a big sister and to help take care of her twin brothers, Robby and Teddy.  But the babies look the same, cry the same, even burp the same!  Will JoJo ever be able to tell them apart?  This book is on Guided Reading Level I.

Small Spaces

When eleven-year-old Ollie finds a disheveled, weeping woman by the river threatening to throw a book into the water, she doesn't think, she just acts -- grabbing the book and bolting!  As Ollie begins to read, she finds herself entranced by the creepy tale, entitled Small Spaces.  She's still reading the next day on her school field trip to a local farm when she discovers that the mysterious woman runs the farm and that the graves of the people who she's been reading about are located there, too.  When the school bus breaks down on the return trip, the day takes a turn from strang

PAR-TAY!: Dance of the Veggies (and Their Friends)

Would it surprise you to come home with your family one night and discover that all the veggies in your fridge were party animals, uhm, vegetables?  Really, you can imagine a string bean showing off some rad hip-hop moves, right?  Or a band comprised of a tomato, eggplant, basil, and Swiss chard?  Families with even the pickiest eaters are guaranteed to enjoy these dance floor antics, and perhaps some young skeptics will even be convinced to try a nibble of asparagus.

Seed Starting Kit

Want to start your own garden from seeds? The EB Create Seed Starting Kit includes a growing light with fabric bulb protective sleeve; heating mat; paper pot maker; and 2 books.  Check out some seeds from our EBGrow seed library, and you’ll be set to start your own garden.

The EB Create Seed Starting Kit includes:

You meowed, we listened!

A just-right book is as pleasant as a scratch between the ears, and your local librarians heard your purrs about how funny and fabulous the Dr. KittyCat series is.  That's why we ordered more!!!  Look for them on the Beginning Chapter Books display next time you visit the library.  Meow!