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Tax-Savvy Ways to Help Fund College for your Grandkids (Hybrid)

Jun 1 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm


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This workshop is designed to help grandparents learn unique strategies to help fund college for their grandchildren in the most effective and efficient way. Topics covered are the rising costs of college and difficulties for family, changes to the financial aid system, how much can be gifted without financial aid and tax consequences, different strategies and how they impact financial aid, pros and cons of various investment vehicles that can be used for college funding/gifting, and alternative investment vehicles that enable savings to be used for more than just educational expenses.

This workshop was created at the request of many grandparents who would like to contribute to college for their grandchildren but aren't sure about the best way to go about it.

Jodi Bloom is a college funding expert and the founder of Cornerstone College Solutions. She and her team have helped hundreds of families, with children of all ages, to navigate the nuances of college funding by educating about the process. She works collaboratively with families to develop comprehensive college plans with tailored strategies to address their overriding concerns about how to pay for college without jeopardizing retirement and provide financial alternatives to meet each family's unique goals and cost requirements. Jodi is a Certified College Funding Specialist (CCFS), has spent 12 years in the financial services industry, and with three college-aged children, has first-hand experience of the college funding process. She holds an MBA from Columbia University and is frequently responsible for educating certified public accountants to earn their continuing professional education credits in college planning. She has been sponsored by over 65 organizations and institutions to educate families about the important aspects of college and retirement planning, maximizing need-based and merit-based aid, savings and tax-mitigating strategies, and the diversification and protection of assets. Jodi is committed to helping to make planning and saving for college less stressful for families of all income and asset levels, identifying ways to reduce the cost of college, and lessening the financial burden for families to send their children to their dream schools. Jodi recognizes that sending your children to college is your utmost priority... Enabling you to do so financially is hers!


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